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Outplacement Services


What is Corporate Outplacement?

Outplacement is the process of facilitating a terminated employees transition by providing company paid assistance. Outplacement Services help those through this challenge by dealing with the uncertainties about the future and helping them to re-enter the job market. It is an affirmative and humane approach to organizational change that allows everyone to emerge a winner. In most instances, there are actual savings in company finances, reputation, and business friendships as well as preservation of company morale and good will.

Outplacement is a successful strategy because it helps employees to:

  • Vent their feelings with an objective consultant rather than their own network.
  • Cope with feelings of shock, anger, loss and sadness leading to a lack of self worth.
  • Take practical steps to replace their income by finding a new career direction.
  • Raise their self-esteem by maintaining their focus on the future and shift it away from expensive lawsuits.

Outplacement provides ...

Outplacement provides experienced professionals with products and services that are specifically designed and targeted to their personal needs. Services include ways to manage the transition successfully by identifying their strengths, unique skills and accomplishments, personality assessments, professional resume composition, market research techniques, networking, work search strategies, tips on effective written and verbal communication, how to secure informational meetings, role play interviews and more ...

Benefits ...

  • No fixed timeline.
  • Every individual receives private on-to-one sessions.
  • Fixed cost eliminates on-going negotiation.
  • Participant can start immediately.
  • Resume composed by a Certified Professional Resume writer. No cookie cutter templates.
  • Program can be facilitated remotely.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • Total commitment to quality and confidentiality.

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Career Transition Coaching


The Transition Process ...

Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs, Know your Accomplishments, Qualify Your Strengths, Identifying Criteria/Values, The Resume, Market Research, Work Search Strategies (time management, focus, discipline), Communications, Information Meetings, Interview Prep. Follow-up and Negotiation.

Self Assessment − Discovering career needs and how to best leverage marketable skills by identifying realistic and attainable career best fits.

Research − Locate critical data about key people, companies and work opportunities.

Targeted Networking − Connect and build relationships with people for information and opportunities.

Presentation − Presenting ones self persuasively one-on-one, in group meetings and in writing.

Interviewing − Presenting themselves effectively in an interview.

Negotiating − Structure a package to fit ones needs and goals.

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Customized Training


Training Customized to Your Needs!

Recruitment Practices
(Interviewing Techniques Workshop)

What are Employers Looking For? , What is the True Cost of a Bad Hire?, Planning the Recruitment Process, Recruitment Law Overview, Good Interviewing Practices, Employee Selection and Retention, Process Analysis.

Leadership Dynamics
What Does it Take to Be a Leader? Working with Difficult People and Situations, Coping with Change, Building a Team, Evaluating Development Needs, Motivating your Staff, Interviewing Techniques, Performance Reviews, Improving Yourself!

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What Our Customers are Saying ...

"I have worked with Carolyn for many years, and have found her to be very professional and understanding of our needs. She strives for quality and always takes the time to properly assess the customers requirements so that she can find the right person for the job."
Doreen Playter
Human Resources Manager
Velcro Canada Ltd.

"I like the advice you gave about treating my department as my own business. This has helped me stay focused and look at the big picture. I thank you for your time, patience and words of encouragement. I truly enjoyed our sessions and would definitely recommend your company for any training that we may require."
Colleen Lukezic
Transamerica Commercial Finance

"Thank you for turning a very difficult time into a positive life experience! I couldn't have done it on my own!"

"Losing my job was the most devastating experience that I've had to face Your assistance put me on track and kept me focused so that my emotions didn't get the best of me. I'm now in a position that better suits my skills and experience."

"The tools and resources that you provided gave me the confidence to start my own business!"

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